My morning usually starts before the sun comes up. Most of the jobs I have had in my life involved being up in the middle of the night, around 3a.m.- 4a.m. and my shifts started at around 6 to 7a.m. Ah, the joys of working from home now! My night/morning routine has only become more intense the older I become, the more I research, and the more I realize how important it is to take care of our skin. One of the key things I’ve learned is to simply be gentle. I don’t know about y’all, but I use to man handle my face while washing it or taking my makeup off. Thats not what you have to do in order to remove your makeup, but you do need to make sure it’s ALL off. I use baby wipes from Walgreens that are only 2 dollars. For me, they work just as well as actual makeup removing wipes. After that, I wet my face and apply Soap & Glory’s Peaches And Cream Deep Cleansing Milk and I use my Conair True Glow Cleansing Brush to work it in. Nothing cleans as well as these vibrating facial cleaning brushes! Hey sometimes our hands are just not enough. I la la loveeee Soap & Glory man. They have so many good smelling, great working products, all at inexpensive prices. Their body lotion is my favorite of all time and my fiancé secretly loves it too. On days I wear heavy makeup I then wash my face a second time with one of my favorite body/facial scrubs. These are the ones that are poppin: Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub (which I’ve been using for years) Oat Sugar & Shea Breakfast Scrub. But, on regular degular days on to the next step, toner! Take a few cotton balls with a bit of toner on them and finish taking off any left over makeup or dirt, don’t forget your hairline! Makeup seems to get left in there so be sure to clean that area as well as your neck. This is my favorite toner right now. After that its time to moisturize, I have dark spots on my face and that is my number one skin care concern at the moment. I’ve been using this lightening cream by Porcelana for awhile now and it has been working, kind of, but it leaves a annoying residue and rolls up when applied with other products. So, I switched back to my Ambi Fade Cream which always does the job. The trick with fade creams and lotions is consistency. You have to stay consistent with these products and use them daily (if not more) if you want to see results. When I finish applying my fade cream I apply my Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream to my face and neck. Next, I use a facial oil. I have oily skin and to keep it from being oily I use to skip this step. WRONG! DO NOT DO THIS. All skin needs to be hydrated! Don’t dehydrate your skin! Show it some love and repeat times a million cause yo, once I added a facial oil into my daily routine my face became LESS oily and even brighter. Right now I am using Burt Bee’s Facial Oil and it smells amazing. The Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is one of my all times favorite as well though. Btw, the gold flecks inside it make it aesthetic af. Lastly, I do a little lip scrub, I usually make my own and I make sure I add oil in them so I don’t need to apply a lip balm afterwards.Wa-la, thats it! Thats my fabulous daily night time regimen. My morning one is honestly pretty similar. I start of with washing my face with the Soap & Glory’s Milk Cleanser. After that toner and micellar water for my eyelash extensions. I will be posting a article all about how I take care of my individual eyelash extensions very soon! When cleansing is done, moisturize, facial oil, and then I apply my primer and start my makeup, which will definitely be a post I upload in the near future. Below, are the pictures of all my favorite skin care products and the links to these products are listed throughout the article. I hope I gave you all some easy informative tips and be sure to stay hydrated this summer! #BareSkin2k18