Things To Start Doing For Yourself  To Become A Better You!

When was the last time you did something for YOU? How often do you do things for yourself? Sometimes in life we get so caught up with our careers, relationships, responsibilities and children, that we simply forget about ourselves! But I have great news, it’s never too late! Once I began to put myself first, I became a overall happier person. 

You can start by doing the smallest things, such as buying that skincare product thats been in your online cart for weeks now, or that dress that you know you will look amazing in. Go a bit overboard and finally book that vacation you deserve or buy that new car before yours finally gives out. Oh but remember, bettering yourself is not only limited to purchasing things either, of course. You may have to put yourself first by cutting some people out of your life who are negatively influencing you. You may even just need a quick mental break by taking a few minutes out of your day to just sit alone and meditate. Whatever change it may be, you can make it now! Here are 5 things I do, that I believe we all should, to start bettering ourselves!


Once I started setting small goals every morning (or the night before), I began to get so much more accomplished. Each time I complete a goal it makes my mood so uplifted and makes me look forward to completing the rest of my goals for that week. It can be the smallest thing, but just getting it done makes you feel good, because accomplishing things is always a plus right?


The more healthier you are, the more energy you will have to get more out of life!

  • Begin eating healthier food choices and don’t forget to hydrate and drink water all throughout the day. 
  • Start stretching every morning and night.
  • Exercise! Join a gym membership or take a walk around the block a few times each day. You’ll feel so refreshed afterwards.
  • Begin a skin care regime.
  • Go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you!
  • Take a bath. I don’t take baths as often as I’d like to because showers are just so much faster. But baths always make me feel so luxurious afterwards. Toss in your favorite bath bomb, face mask and light some candles. Let your mind wonder to  paradise for a bit.
  • Be gentle with your body.
  • Always get enough sleep.
  • Schedule a mani and/or pedi at least once a month. Book that facial and massage too girl!

Your body is your temple, treat it like one. Love it, nourish it, and respect it.


You need to make yourself a priority before anyone else. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with you. Your needs matter just as much as the ones you care for, but more. Speak of yourself highly. Don’t put yourself down or criticize yourself when you make mistakes. Instead, talk yourself up and say “I can do better”. The more you tell yourself you deserve respect and care, the more other people will start showing it to you as well. 

  • Be your own cheerleader. 
  • Say no. Don’t over commit.
  • Stop feeling guilty over other peoples feelings.
  • Get in tune to what your body and mind is telling you.


When I forgive people my soul feels free. I feel like I can finally move forward from the situation. Holding on to grudges does nothing to benefit us. But, not only does it benefit you to forgive others and let go, but you have to forgive YOURSELF every once in awhile as well! Admit to your faults, learn from them, and continue moving forward.


We all do it. It’s okay because its human nature to do so. But it can sometimes damage your potential to exceed in life. The time is NOW to become more proactive and start succeeding because you do have the potential to do so! You are the only one who can put you dreams into fruition, so stop hesitating and start doing! 

The time to start “Doing you.”  is right now! It is never too late to blossom and become a better individual. Just remember to always put the energy out that you want to receive back. More often when I converse with my friends they are telling me about their failures and rarely about their accomplishments. When they vent to me about things that aren’t going the right way in their life I always ask, “How can you learn from this situation, and what can you do next to make a positive outcome?”

 We will always have that constant need to become better human beings. During our journey we need to remember to reward ourselves for what we are doing right. Lets try focusing on our victories more than our defeats. Putting yourself number one is not a selfish act. This is not about being conceited and forgetting other peoples feelings. It just means that you are recharging yourself which will ultimately improve how you are taking care of everyone and everything else around you. Part of being a better person involves how you treat others as well. 

Positivity and loving yourself is something that I really want to engage in on this blog. This is what I want my readers to take from this post : As you grow and learn, don’t forget to reward yourself.  You have came a long way to become the amazing human being you are today and never, ever, give up! 💖 

xoxo Iva Lion