The Ordinary, a honest and detailed review. Part 1

When I found out about this company, The Ordinary, I felt like I hit the jackpot. A award winning company that offers straight forward effective skin care products for the low low, say what?  I have high standards when it comes to what I put on my face, and with skin care in general. However, after reading a ton of positive reviews, I instantly knew I had to try it. 

About the brand:

The Ordinary is a umbrella brand from the company Deciem. They are a brand that “communicates with integrity and brings to market effective, more familiar technologies at honourable prices.” Which basically means they carry  products ( such as serums and moisturizers) that contain very potent and active ingredients at a very low price point. Each product ranges from ONLY $6-$18, and thats pretty damn affordable if you ask me. I love the apothecary aesthetic of the company’s packaging, which is done purposely to help save production cost dramatically to focus more on the overall product. 

About my skin:

I suffer from hyper-pigmentation and dark spots on my skin. My goal was to fade my dark spots, clear up my hyper-pigmentation, brighten the tone of my overall skin, and achieve overall clearer skin on my face, back, & arms. Long story short THE PRODUCTS REALLY WORK. On the website, they even have a guide you can follow to help you start a skin-care regimen based off your problem areas.

The products I purchased:

(This product is not from The Ordinary, but rather a  umbrella brand of Deciem named The Chemistry Brand. It’s $20 & I included it because its fucking awesome.)


SO YEAH THATS A LOT OF PRODUCTS I KNOW, but the first three items I bought two weeks before I purchased the remaining , for starters, & I just kind of got carried away by all the hype and affordable prices.  Moving on.

What the products did for my skin:

I bought a mixture of serums, moisturizers, a dry oil, a peeling solution (thats only used about twice a week) and a toning solution. The three serums I chose to use daily for my hyper-pigmentation and dark spots would be the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, Niacinamide. 10% + Zinc 1%, and the Asorbic Acid 8% + Alpha. Why, you ask? Because, that’s literally what the website’s regimen guide told me to do based off people ’s skin care concerns that mirrored mine. 

After applying each product for the first time, they did produce a slight stinging sensation. Nothing too irritating and my skin did not appear to be red. The tingling sensations would only last about two minutes. None of the products I purchased had any strong scents or smells. Maybe like a slight paint smell on a few serums but absolutely no fragrance. The resin-oil I purchased does have a light citrusy smell when you first apply it but it quickly fades. Immediately after applying to my skin I had a very nice dewy glow.

Within a day or two I literally began to see a difference in my faces appearance. I could literally see my dark spots beginning to fade, and my face was smoother than it has ever been. In Part 2 of my review, I will go more in to depth about each individual product. As well as update you all about my new and improved skin! 

-Xoxo Iva Lion