My Top “Me Time” Activities 

I love spending time to myself. When I am alone I get to day dream and focus on my goals, aspirations, and fairytales. I go to the Iva Dimension, another world in my head thats already established with my future goals being fulfilled, I think we all have a Iva dimension in our own head haha. Okay anyways, I’m all about self fulfillment and working on ones inner self. I think everyone should enjoy being alone at times. During that time, lets talk about some fun and relaxing activities you can engage in to spoil yourself. Adding some much needed “Me Time” to your day re-energizes you, allows you to think clearly, and make overall better decisions. You set schedules for other activities and events, so be sure to set time aside every day for Me Time! Below, I’m going to list the things I love to do when I’m by myself!


Oh my goodness this is my number one for a reason. They calm me down and relax me so much. Some of the best masks does that and improves my skin issues at the same time. My favorite masks to use are listed below. These masks have hydration and adds a glow. Its a proven fact that regular use of face masks improves your facial appearance with given time. They help aid in clearer skin and delivers much more moisture than other skincare products such as just a facial moisturizer alone can provide. 


Aromatherapy does wonders for us! It relieves anxiety and depression, boost energy levels, cures headaches, boost cognition, induces sleep, strengthens the immune system, and reduces pain and stress levels. Essential Oils can positively affect your hormone production, brain chemistry, and stress levels. Aromatherapy improves and balances you emotionally and physically. 



I love doing yoga and I really need to start doing it again more often. Even though lately I’ve been busy, I still can fit some yoga into my schedule. Yoga makes you feel so re-charged and energetic. After every yoga session I attend or do on my own in my living room, doesn’t matter,  I always feel amazing afterwards.  If you don’t have time to do a whole yoga session, a little meditation wont hurt.  I like to mediate in the mornings to focus on a positive successful day. Meditation also comes in beneficial when I am in stressful situations. This practice can make you feel at peace. Include some of your favorite calming, stress-reducing crystals to add more energy to the session. You will wake up feeling more refreshed. 


Reading or writing always puts me in a better mood. If you don’t write much, you can start by writing down your daily goals and how to accomplish them. Read a chapter or two of a new book you find interest in. Writing helps me pour my ideas out on paper and clear my mind, while reading helps relax my mind. Both of these activities will help you unwind. 


Taking a walk in the woods or to the nearest park in my neighborhood has always been one of my favorite activities when I alone, anytime of the year. It helps me clear my mind of the current stress or drama going on in my life. I feel it is really important for us to become one with nature every so often. Just remember to make sure you are in a safe area that you are familiar with and stay alert of your surroundings. Keep your phone charged and make sure that a friend or family member knows where you are headed and for approximately how long.When I take walk in the forrest, I use to look down to pay attention to what I was stepping on but one day, my friend told me “Don’t forget to look up…”. This is what I took from that, never just focus on not tripping, or making mistakes, this will make you fail to embrace the bigger picture. Don’t miss out on the magic around you because your too scared of falling/failing. Don’t get caught up in missing the surrounding beauty because your too focused on making mistakes thats inevitably going to happen. Continue to move forward while embracing the sounds, scents, flowers, trees, and the beauty going on nearby.

I hope you all can take something from my Me-Time list and use some of the activities to better your day!  You deserve a part of each and everyday just for yourself, it’s a necessity! It’s important to do this daily to improve your overall wellness if you have not already. Always take time to take care of yourself and make me time!