The Fall Makeup Haul 🍁🥀

Okay, so most of these items have a summer or beauty themed vibe attached to it, not so much Autumn. That is because I just got around to writing these reviews about the products in this post. I wanted to try them out and wear them a few times before I  made a review about it because I wanted it to be a legitimate post. Moving forward, most of these products I love, but a few of them..not so much. We will get into that a little later but for now, lets get into it!


What I’m Loving Lately:

The Urban Decay Beach Pallet is my favorite eyeshadow pallete at the moment! This is my daily go to. The pigment in this pallet is rich and buttery. The colors are very easy to blend and the shades are extremely brown girl friendly ( as well any other skin tone, in my opinion). I can use about every color in this pallet. I even think I can get away with using the lightest shade “Salt”, in the inner corner of my eyes. 

When Im shopping for eyeshadow pallets, these are the three things I look for:

  1. The quality of the pigment.
  2. Will I be able to use most of the colors (at least 75%) featured in the palette?
  3. The Aesthetic, of course.

The look I’ve been going for lately is the red smoky eye look, with the occasional pop of blue and/or gold in either the  inner corner or water line. The color scheme of this pallet is more Fall friendly than Summer in my opinion anyways, to be honest. I can definitely see myself using this palette all throughout Autumn this year. Sadly, it is currently sold out on and, but hopefully they restock it soon so you Queens can see the hype! 

Something I have been doing lately when I use one or two eyeshadow colors, is add a glistening gloss on top. The Flesh Pot by Flesh Beauty (a new and upcoming makeup brand) makes adding that pop of gloss to the lid just that more amazing. It’s just a cute little pot of gold, if you will. But what it really is, is a jelly textured non-greasy, peach and gold flecked gloss that retails at about $20.00. You can use it as a lip gloss, highlight, or like I do, over the lids. But is it really worth $20.00 though? Yes, I definitely think so because or the versatility of the product, and it is damn sure good at what it is suppose to do. It does not melt throughout the day, nor does it become too greasy like most glosses used on top of the lid becomes, for me at least. 

Lets move on too some lip products I purchased. So, I may be a little late on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit bandwagon, but hey, better late than never right? I wanted to try a bold red lip, (something I have never tried before) so I bought “Mary Jo Kay” which is this bright, blue undertone red to die for! Along with that I bought the color “Leo”, well because I’m a Leo and it only made sense. They arrived very quickly, and when I wore them, they BOTH received a lot of compliments from my friends and associates! “Mary Jo K” received a bunch of compliments as well a stares, probably because of the radiant vibrancy of that red girl! It lasted all day and well into the night with just a few touch-ups in between. It wasn’t transferable and I simply just loved it. I regret waiting so long to try this brand out! 

To match that cute red lippie I was wearing all around town, I often accompanied it with that red smokey eye look I mentioned earlier. Instead of using the UD palette, sometimes I’d pair my red lip with the ColourPop Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette “Yes Please!”. Using the color “Spoiled” in my crease and along my entire lid, then applying the rich gold color “Butter Cake” in my inner corner and my brow bone, I created a simple 5 minute eye look that slayed to the fiery gods haha.  

Things That Were Eh:

So, the Tutti Frutti Collection by Too Faced Cosmetics, lets get in to this tea. First off, I only purchased two items, the lip gloss in the shade “Grin & Bare It” and, the “Pineapple Eyeshadow Palette”. I love the smell of both items, they smell so fresh and sweet! The eyeshadow palette literally smells like pineapples and I pretty sure I bought it off of that fact alone, hey I love pineapples they are my favorite fruit. 

Side note: if you love fragranced eyeshadow palettes just as much as I do, list your favorite scented eyeshadow palettes in the comments!

Heres the thing though, the Pineapple Eyeshadow Palette comes with “7 luxurious matte, metallic, satin, and glitter shades…” according to the website. But yeah….I can only use like two of the colors. Just because I can’t using many of the colors, doesn’t mean the pigment and formula wasn’t out of this world. ALL of the colors are extremely beautiful, but about 4 of them show up too “icy” for my skin tone. “Coconut Sugar’ and “Pineapple Sugar” are basically the same color, they even look the same on their website. “Passports and Pineapples” is literally MY skin tone. Plus, I have a thousand dark brown eyeshadows in my collection such as “Tutti Cutie” so that leaves me with basically only two badass colors to play with. So, was the palette worth $34.00? Yes, because I love pineapples lol. But for other brown queens out there, with skin tones similar to myself, probably not. You guys might want to pass on this palette, (unless your infatuated with pineapples) simply because the colors aren’t that workable. They do have another palette as well, “The Razzle Dazzle Berry Palette” that can work wonders for the darker complexion Queens out there! Now to the lip gloss, the only reason I do not like it is because I chose the wrong color. I am exchanging it to a different color and once I do I will update this post to let you all know the quality of the lip gloss! It did smell amazing, and if I were to wear a brown lip liner I could more than likely get away with wearing this shade. It’s just not my favorite color. 


That basically wraps up my Fall Makeup Haul Review! Thank you so much for reading, and please do share this post. Also, share your experiences with these products if you ladies have them yourself! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me about your Fall/End of Summer Makeup Favs in the comment section below!

Xoxo -Iva Lion